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AC United
Club Mission Statement/Philosophy

To mentor the youth of our community through soccer; by cultivating the passion, appreciation,

and enthusiasm to play the game. This is accomplished by using training and curriculum

guidelines (technical and tactical) to better the player as a whole to further the game of

American Soccer.

To accomplish this goal, we must all strive to be patient and optimistic with our players. Soccer

development is a lifelong process, and will not happen in one season. The soccer pitch is the

perfect place to learn life lessons in team play, sportsmanship, and success. To succeed, we as

coaches need to provide room for mistakes and adaptability. The goal of AC United coaches is

to teach the players to use skills, team effort, and tactics to come out on top in a game.

However, that win may come immediately or in the future. The goal is not to get an instant

win, but to cultivate a style of play that will lead them to long term success and fulfillment in

the sport.

To keep the kids practicing for their long term success we will have “Home Development”

workouts. These are guidelines to assist in developing their abilities at home. As with anything

in life the more you put into it the more you get out of it. It is also a good idea for players to

watch soccer games on TV or online. This gives them an idea of the sport on a larger scale.

Player positions are necessary for anyone’s identity in the sport. Therefore, throughout the

season coaches will be evaluating each player on their individual strengths and abilities.

Eventually, by the end of the year, our players will be accustomed to playing several different

positions. The players will not always play where they want to be, or where parents want them

to play, but this gives them new perspectives on the game, and does wonders for creating a

more rounded player.

It is the main priority of the coaching team to instill confidence, motivation, and development

in every player in the AC United club. We will put together training sessions that are fun, but

also are effective.

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